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Plate 1  The harbour image shows the estuary of a number of small rivers in the Bay of Balikpapan at dawn.  In the foreground there are sailing boats of the Bugi people which have come from the Celebes.

Plate II   A timber forest near Balikpapan.

Plate III  This horizontal image shows an already de-forested ravine, at sunrise.

Plate IV  & V  The two indigenous peoples plates portray Dajakkerhauptlinge (tribal chiefs) who in 1924 were brought from Mahakamstrom to Balikpapan, where they were presented to the Governor-General of the Netherland East Indies who had stopped there by chance.

Plate VI   Of the apes the Orang-Utan is a young female about four years old, with rain-wet fur.

Plate VII  The Makakus (Macaque) is swaddled in a white cloth perhaps under medical care because of its state.

Plate VIII  Shows the large ear and strong jaw of the savage pigtail Macaque.

Plate IX   The gray-white Silver-Gibbon pouts its lips as a sign of affection.

Plate X    The wide browed Gibbon is a fully grown male of about five years.

Plate XI & XII  The last two plates are of young half grown female Gibbons in  threatening posture.  

Translated by Bernard Lilienthal with assistance of Mark Henshaw
September 2007

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Research project on Dr Gregor Krause was begun in 2006 by Bernard Lilienthal, volunteer researcher, Photography Department, National Gallery of Australia.