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A selection of the Asia Pacific photos from Photograms of the Year



1901 BREWSTER, George Ernest, Melbourne,      Portrait Study


1901 CAMPBELL, A.J.,        Water at Last


1901 GALL, Ernest,        Dominoes


1901 RADFORD, F. Sydney,         J. Longford Esq



1901 WILLIAMS, A.H.Melbourne,        A Two Year Old


1902 BREWSTER, George Austin        Portrait of a Lady


1902 JOSHUA, E.C.        The Rigor of the Game


1902 RADFORD, Fred         Self Portrait


1904 APPLEBY, L.W.        Portrait of D.H. Souter, Artist


1904 CAMPBELLl, A.J        The Brooklet


1904 CRUMP, Dr.T.G.        The Cradle of the Deep


1904 HORNBY, James        In Gloomy Winter


1904 KRUTLI, Herman C.        Portrait


1904 MacKENZIE, Hugh A.B.        An Interesting Game


1904 RAINSFORD, C.F.        Evening


1904 SPURLING & SON        A Sea of Snow


1904 STARLING, P.         A River Bend


1905 RADFORD Fred.         The Hour of Rest


1906 GALL, Ernest        An Australian


1907 KAUFFMANN, J.        The Brow of the Hill


1907 KRUTLI, Herman C.        Dad


1907 RADFORD, Fred.        The Month of June


1908 BRANDT, Miss Sylvia        Age


1908 BREWSTER, Geo. Austin,        The Violinist


1908 FREEMAN,        Portrait


1908 GALL, Ernest        Portrait


1908 GRAY, E.E.        Study


1908 JOSHUA, E.C.        Port Melbourne


1908 JOYNER, F.A.        A Shaft of Light


1908 LEEDHAM, T.        Moonlight


1908 POOLER, Dr. Ed. Leslie         Sullen Winter


1908 WALSEND, Robt. B.         A Rugged Coast


1908 WILLIAMS, J.         The Last Gleam


1909 BURKE, Walter        An Impending Storm


1909 CAZNEAUX, Harold        A Passing Glance


1909 DECK, N.C.        The Edge of the Wood


1909 FRASER, R.        The Haunt of Wild-Fowl


1909 FREEMAN,        A Portrait


1909 GIFFORD, A.C.             Fairy Tales


1909 POOLER, Dr. Ed. Leslie         Forest Gates, Winter


1909 Sells, L.S.          1100 Feet Below The Surface


1909 WALLACE, R.H.        Wilson's Promontory Light, Coast of Victoria


1909 WILLIAMS, J.        The Enemy


1910 CAZNEAUX, Harold        Sand-Dunes


1910 NEWMAN, C. Luscomb        On A Misty Morn


1910 STEWARD, Tom H.        Labour


1911 CAZNEAUX, Harold        The Dawn


1911 CAZNEAUX, Harold        The Razzle-Dazzle


1912 CARTWRIGHT, H.E.         A Stiff Climb


1912 DECK, Norman C.        Grasses


1914 KAUFFMANN, John        The Cloud


1914 STEPHENS, J. Temple        The Top Of The Sandhill


1914 WILLIAMS, J.        An Australian Landscape


1915 CAZNEAUX, Harold        The Orphan Sisters


1915 WILKINSON, Alfred        Majestic Gums


1915 WILLIAMS, J.        Summer Landscape


1916 CAZNEAUX, Harold        The Japanese Blind


1916 DECK, Norman C.        Timber Country In Mist


1916 MERFIELD, C.J.        The Pool


1916 WHITE, W.S.        Melody Of Morn


1917-18 CAZNEAUX, Harold        Souvenir, Australia


1917-18 PATON, J.E.        An Australian Homestead


1917-18 WHITE, W.S.        A Mountain Saw Mill


1918 BOSTOCK, C.W.        The Sphinx


1918 CAZNEAUX, Harold        Summer Time


1918 HOLCOMBE, Robert         The Cloud


1918 PATON, Jas.E         Memoriam


1918 WHITE, W.S.        The Shadow Curtain


1919 BOSTOCK, C.W.         Day Breaks-Cold, Shrieking And Bloody


1919 CAZNEAUX, Harold         Young Australia


1919 EUTROPE, S.W.        On The Seashore


1919 FORD, Arthur         To the Open Sea


1919 JOHSON, Reginald         The British Lion


1919 MERFIELD, C.J.        The Enchanted Wood


1919 PATON, J.E.        Symphony


1919 WAKEFORD, C.E.        The Stockman


1919 WHITE, W.S.        Solitude


1920 BOSTOCK, Cecil W.        Making Ready


1920 CAZNEAUX, Harold        Peace After War and Memories


1920 MILSON, Mrs. Alfred G.        Return Of The Australian Light Horse


1920 WAKEFORD, C.E.        The Boundary Rider


1920 WILKINSON, A.        On The Edge And Beyond


1921 BOSTOCK, C.W.        En Passant


1921 CAZNEAUX,        Harold Blue Gums


1921 EUTROPE, S.W.        An Outback Australian Home


1921 FORD, A.        Surf Canoeing


1921 GIBSON, E.W.        The End Of The Voyage


1921 MILSON, Mrs. A.G.        A Leading Wind


1921 PATON, James E.        The Enchanted Wood


1922 BOSTOCK, Cecil W.        Child With Basket Of Fruit


1922 CAZNEAUX, Harold        Sun And Sand


1922 EUTROPE, S. W.        Carnival


1922 ISHIDA, K.        Australian River Oaks


1922 MILSON, Mrs. F.        In The Graving Dock


1922 MONTE LUKE        O'Sole Mio


1922 PATON, James E.        From The South Head, Tuggerah


1923 CAZNEAUX, Harold        The New Sunshade


1923 EATON, J.B.        Alone


1923 EUTROPE, S.W.        Morning Narrabean Lake


1923 HILL, Douglas R.        Bacchanal


1923 ISHIDA, K.        Mountain Decoration


1923 MONTE LUKE        Eve Grey


1923 WAKEFORD, C.E.        Wheat Transport


1924 BOSTOCK, C.W.        Portrait Of A Boy With Dog


1924 CAZNEAUX, Harold        Gracefull Dance


1924 EATON, John B.        Crowning The Hill


1924 EUTROPE, Stanley W.        Hawkesbury Landscape


1924 WILKINSON, A.        Giants Of The Forest


1925 BEDGGOOD, W.L.R.        The Valley Of Romanie


1925 CAZNEAUX, Harold        Little Ann in Australia


1925 DICKINSON, H.        Le Raconteur


1925 MONTE LUKE        Rosemary


1925 WILLIAMS, J.        The Team


1926 BLOUNT, David        Coal Mining


1926 CAZNEAUX, Harold      Anna Pavlova


1926 CHAMBERS, A.     The Rogue


1926 EUTROPE, S.W.     Evening Light


1926 LAWRENCE, Peter      Midday


1926 MONTE LUKE       Pauline Frederick


1927 CAZNEAUX, Harold        The Cherub


1927 EATON, John B.       Misty Morning, a Glimpse Of Melbourne


1927 EUTROPE, S.W.      Afternoon Showers


1927 HOLLICK, Ruth,       Bobby


1927 LAWRENCE, Peter       Summertime


1927 LEWIS, F.       Railway Station, Melbourne


1928 CAZNEAUX, Harold       Building A Great Bridge


1928 EATON, John B.        Saturday Afternoon


1929 ADAMSON, Edwin G.         Coquette


1929 CAZNEAUX, Harold         Portrait


1929 EATON, John B.          A Bridge in the Never Never


1930 CAZNEAUX, Harold,      The Wheel Of Youth


1930 DANN, E.J.      Drying Sails


1930 EATON, John B.     The Summit


1930 HOLLICK, Ruth       Miss Amy Johnson


1930 LEWIS, F.       Toilers


1930 OWEN, W.T.       Black Rock


1931 CAZNEAUX, Harold       The Life Class


1931 FORD, Arthur       Whither


1932 CAZNEAUX, Harold       French Doll


1932 EATON, J.B.    Landscape Pattern


1932 SMITH, Dr. Julian        Saltbush


1933 CAZNEAUX, Harold        The Anaesthetist


1933 EATON, John B.         The Shimmering Tide


1933 MONTE LUKE       Dandy, Dick and Tiger


1934-35 CAZNEAUX, Harold        The Archibald Fountain At Night


1934-35 EATON, John B.        Top of the Hill


1934-35 SMITH Dr. Julian       The Top Of The World


1936 CAZNEAUX, Harold       Steel In The Making


1936 EATON, John B.      Rain


1937 CAZNEAUX, Harold       Pouring Steel


1937 EATON, John B.     Farmlands


1938 CAZNEAUX, Harold      A Giant Of The Arid North


1938 COTTON, Olive       Shasta Daisies


1938 DUPAIN, Max         Norman Lindsay


1938 EATON, John B.        Sky Phenomenon


1938 SMITH, Dr. Julian         Weller


1939 CAZNEAUX, Harold        Blast Furnaces


1939 EATON, John B.         The Fence


1940 CAZNEAUX, Harold        The Debut


1940 EATON, John B.        Phantasy


1940 LE GUAY, Laurance      Background For Birth


1940 SMITH, Dr. Julian          Age And Experience


1941 CAZNEAUX, Harold.        The Farm On The Hill


1941 GRIMWADE, Russell       The Cuprit


1941 LE GUAY, L.      Silhouette


1941 SMITH, Dr. Julian.       The Sandal


1942 BURKE, Keast         The Reaper


1942 CAZNEAUX, Harold        The Canyon


1942 EATON, J.B.      In The Hills


1942 SMITH, Dr. Julian       The Theatre Sister


1943 CAZNEAUX, Harold        Blast Furnace


1943 SMITH, Dr Julian       Australia Alert


1943 YOUNG, Clarence B.       Resting


1944 SMITH, Dr. Julian       Sono Asalo


1945 SMITH, Dr. Julian       The Ranch Boss


1946 SMITH, Dr. Julian          Friday


1947 SMITH, Dr. Julian        Planter


1948 SMITH, Dr.Julian        Little Ships


1949 LOFTS, Selwyn H.       Cloudborne


1950 CAZNEAUX, Harold           Balloons


1951 CAZNEAUX, Harold        The Pylons


1958 GRAY, Allen G.         Young Cat


1958 MULLUMBY, L.P.       Surf Study


1959 MULLUMBY, L.P.           No Title


1960 GRAY, Allen G.     Joe


1960 MULLUMBY, L.P.         Figure Study


1960 RONGE, Martin       Summer



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