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A selection of the Asia Pacific photos from Photograms of the Year

West Coast USA

1902 - 1958

1902 WIGGINS, Mrs M.A.         Heimweh


1904 Brigman, Miss Annie W.             The Mother


1904 DASSONVILLE, W.A.              Mystery


1904 DASSONVILLE, W.A.            The Yosemite Falls


1904 GOE, C.A.             The Mountain Road


1904 MAURER, Oscar              Hillside Pastures


1904 SAVANNAH, J.           Portrait


1904 WIGGINS, Mrs. M.A.        The Song of the Sea (Oregon)


1905 DASSONVILLE,W.A.           The Cypress Tree


1906 LANGA, O.V.           The City's Refugees


1910 FLECKENSTEIN, L.            Moving the Flock


1913 BRIGMAN, Annie W.         The Source


1914 FLECKENSTEIN, L.         Study of a Head and Hand


1914 WESTON, E.H.         Summer Sunshine


1914 WILLIAMS, E.           Spring


1915 ARCHER, F.A.             Sunlit Pool


1915 RABE, W.H.         The Crescent


1915 WEBB, S.V.           Home of Many Mysteries


1915 WEBB, S.V.        Baby Wants it Too


1915 WILLIAMS, E.          Dance of Springtime


1915 WESTON, E.H.     Nude with Black Shawl


1916 DOOLITTLE, J.N.          North Portal University Library


1916 FLECKENSTEIN, L.     Rose Dance of the South


1916 GOETZ, Louis A.        The Fountain (San Francisco)


1916 KALES, A.F.          The Call of the Sea


1916 PARTRIDGE, Imogen C.        Designer and Design


1916 RABE, W.H.         The Guardian


1916 WESTON, E.H.       Dancing Nude


1917-18 ARCHER, F.R         .The Turn of the Road


1917-18 MATHER, Margrethe            Miss Maud Emily


1917-18 BANFIELD, Jesse T.            Zamelit


1917-18 DOOLITTLE, J.N.          Portrait of Miss St. P.


1917-18 EDWARDS, J.P.          The Strollers


1917-18 KALES, A.F.          The Bubble


1917-18 NEYMAN P.          Above the Clouds


1917-18 RABE, W.H.         The Lighted Court


1917-18 THE HOOVER ART COMPANY,         Vacation Pleasure


1917-18 WEBB, S.V.          Wishing


1917-18 WESTON, E.H.       Portrait of Miss Dentra Baldwin


1918 EDWARDS, J.P.           A Beach Frolic


1918 LOVEJOY, Dr R.S.           A Summer Symphony


1918 NEYMAN, Percy          Ho! Charon


1918 BROWN, R.W.             Little Black Dog


1918 FLECKENSTEIN, L.          BETTY


1918 HERRICK, A.          The Bank


1918 HUDSEN, W.A.            A Basket of Roses


1918 KALES, A.F.             A Magazine Cove


1918 PRATT. E.M.         The Capitol


1918 RABE, W.H.          Nocturne


1918 SARTOV, Hendrick            Quest of the Nymph


1918 WESTON, E.H.            Vaudeville


1918 WILLIAMS, E.           Summer's Sunlight


1919 BROWN, R.W.            The Pearl Necklace


1919 EDWARDS, J.P.           Hills of California


1919 FLECKENSTEIN, L.          Happy-Go-Lucky Mexican Boy


1919 KALES, A.F.         Ballerina


1919 PRATT, E.M.          Sun-Flecked Columns


1919 WESTON, E.            Epilogue


1919 WILLIAMS, E.             Stream and Poplars


1920 STICK, J.C.            The Surf Line


1920 ARCHER, Fred         An Illustration for the Arabian Nights


1920 DOOLITTLE, J.C.            The Gamblers


1920 EDWARDS, J.P.          Marshland Pastures


1920 FLECKENSTEIN, L.           Ariadne


1920 KALES, A.F.          Florize


1920 KRAJEWSKI,            Miss Ida Joy


1920 LIBBY, Francis O.     The Dreaming Night


1920 LOVEJOY, Dr R.S.          The Supplicant


1920 SAWYER, W.C.     Trimming the jib


1920 WILLIAMS, E.            Kelp Kewpie


1921 ARCHER, F.R.          Freedom


1921 DOOLITTLE, J.N.           Miss Ruth Millar


1921 EDWARDS, J.P.              Solitary Heights


1921 FLECKENSTEIN,, L.          His First Overcoat


1921 KALES, A.F.            Faere Queen


1921 KATO, Taizo           Sunlight and Shadow


1921 LIBBY, F.O.        Mesa Encantanada


1921 LOVEJOY, Dr R.S.          Nocture- The Temple


1921 MACGREGOR, Helen                Brigand's Dance


1921 MATHER, Margrethe            Pierrot


1921 STRUSS, Karl              Rhythm


1921 WESTON, E.             Betty in her Attic


1922 ANDERSON, P.D.             Solitude


1922 FLECKENSTEIUN,, L.           Over the Unbroken Trail


1922 KALES, A.F.           Audrey Chapman


1922 LIBBY, F.O.             Nocturne The Bridge


1922 STRUSS, Karl              Above the Pacific Twitight (Hollywood)


1922 WILLIAMS, E.          Allegro


1923 LATIMER, H.A.                El Capitan, Yosemite Valley


1923 DOOLITTLE, J.N.             Spring Magic


1923 KALES, A.F.               Mary Pickford as Rosita


1923 LIBBY, F.O.            After Sunset


1923 LOVEJOY, R.S.            Nocturne A Winter Night


1923 OGASAWARA, F.T.        A Portrait of Mrs B


1924 ARCHER, F.A. T             he Fisherman and the Geni


1924 DOOLITTLE, J.N.               Anna May Wong


1924 FLECKENSTEIN, L.           The Ballet Dancer


1924 KALES, A.F.         Julanne Johnston


1924 LEWIS, R.C.          The Receding Wave


1924 LIBBY, F.O.          Nocturne, The City


1924 LOVEJOY, Dr R.S.            Peaks and Ravines


1925 BROWN, C.H.           The Serenade


1925 EDWARDS, J.P.           The Song of the South Wind


1925 FLECKENSTEIN, L.             The Huntress


1925 GOETZ, L.A.             Jazz


1925 KALES, A.F.            Black Draper


1925 KUNISHIGIE, F.A.        The Broken Bowl


1925 LIBBy, F.O.           The Climber


1925 MORTENSEN W.            Glass


1925 OLLINGE, J.W.             The Fairy Ring


1925 SHIMOJIMA, Kaye              Design Japonica


1926 ASAISHI, K.            Jars


1926 BROWN, Charles H.           To Love Tis Everything


1926 KALES, A.F.              The North Wind


1926 MAYEDA, H.T.              Design


1926 MIYAMOTO, H.              Line Study


1926 MIYATAKE, T.            Toriol


1926 OTA, K.         The Vine


1926 TANAKA, K.              Water


1927 ALBEE, Wayne              Shadows


1927 ASAISHI, K.               Lines and Angles


1927 COLLINGE, J.W.            Shadows on the Wall


1927 CONNELL, W.              The Man


1927 FLECKENSTEIN, L.         Dance of the Winds


1927 HOMMA, P. Y          Finding Shadows


1927 KALES, A.F.         The Sun Bath


1927 KIMURA, Takeshi         The Green Beam


1927 NAKAMURA, K.           Evening Waves


1927 ONISHI, H.         Silver and Glass


1927 SHIMATSUSA, M.          Aurora



1927 SHINDO, T.K.      Nigasa


1927 TANAKA, K.            Water Lily


1927 UYEDA, S.         Oil Ditch


1928 FLECKENSTEIN, L.              Nymphs of the Fountain


1928 COLLINGE, J.W.         Undine


1928 KALES, A.F.           The Kiss


1928 KIRA, H.           Phials


1928 KONO, A.                Summer Time


1928 MAYEDA, T.               Design Study


1928 MORTENSEN, W.             Decoration


1928 OHARA, K.           The Harbour


1928 OTA, K.           Wire


1928 SHINDO, T.K.             Still Life


1928 TSUKANE, T.K.            Serpentine Canyon and Dado


1929 COLLINGE J.W.             A Thrush Sings


1929 KALES, AF.           Poster


1929 KIRA, Hiromu             An Arrangement


1929 NAKAMURA, K.               Breaking Wave


1929 BRIGMAN, Ann           The Storm Tree


1929 KEMMLER, Florence E.             The Trapeze Act


1929 MAYEDA, T.              Whirlpool of Oil Bubbles


1929 MORTENSEN, W.             So Tired


1929 NAKAGAWA, S.             Departure


1929 OHARA, Kichiji           Evening Shadows


1930 EVANSMITH, H.            Siesta


1930 KALES, A.F              The Canyon


1930 DAPPRICH, F.R.           Picaruela


1930 DOOLITTLE, J.N.           Lassitude


1930 KIRA, Hiromu            Curves


1930 SCHNEIDER, Dr R.E.            Shadows on the Wall


1930 YAGINUMA, R.M.          Still Life


1930 MORITA, R.            Twilight Pattern


1931 ALEXANDER,K.           Girl in White


1931 DOOLITTLE, J.N.           Harvest of the Sawmill


1931 EVANSMITH, H.               Rhythm


1931 KALES, A.F.               Hide and Seek


1931 KIMURA, H.E.              The Aviator


1931 KONO A.            Pond Fantasy


1931 Mortensen,W,            Victoria Rebecca


1931 NOHIRA, T.             Japanese Jars


1931 SHINDO, T.K.             The Shadow


1932 YAGINUMA, R.M.              Repose


1932 ANDERSON, P.D.              Still Life


1932 ARCHER, F.R.            The Flight of the Arrow


1932 DOOLITTLE, J.N.         Anchor Chain Empress of Britain


1932 KALES A.F.             Hamadryad


1932 KELLEY, R.M.              Vacation Days


1932 MAYEDA, T.           Design


1932 MORTENSEN, W.                  Betty


1932 NAKAMURA K.           The Dancer


1932 OFFICER R.A.             The Story


1932 SHINDO, T.K.           Oil and Water


1933 SHINDO, T.K.            Dragon-Fly


1933 BARNSBY, J.            Maxine


1933 DAPPRICH, F.R.              Carola


1933 GOULD, F.O.            Polishing the Brass


1933 IZUMI, S.           The Shadow


1933 KALES, A.F.          Eve


1933 MORTENSEN, W.             Nude Sudy


1934-35 DAPPRICH, F.R.         Dusk


1934-35 Kales, A.F.          A Daughter of Nippon


1934-35 HINDO, T.K.        Bowman


1936 BARSBY, J.              Flight


1936 BERTELSMANN, H.            Sand Waves


1936 FLECKENSTEIN, L.          The Dancer


1936 KALES, A.F.              Nymph of the Canyon


1936 WAKASA, K.            Higasa


1937 FLECKENSTEIN, L.         Bess


1939 MORTENSEN, W.               Dancing in the Rain


1939 OFFICER, R.A.           After the Swim


1940 HISE, H.             Thistles


1940 OFFICER, R.A.              Beach Hat


1941 BACHMANN, Barton                Pottery


1941 HALL, Shirley M.            Balinese


1942 POWELL, Jack          Ranch Days


1942 SHINDO, T.K.           Still Life


1945 CROSSET, E.C.         The Joy of Living


1945 WRIGHT, Jack           Little Sisters


1946 BARSBY, Jack             Uncle


1952 HALL, Shirley M.              Sea Nymph


1952 HOWARD, Jack              Admiration


1954 DOBRO, Boris         The Breath of the Past


1957 MORTENSEN, William            George Dunham


1958 DIENES, Andre De              Marie Denham


1958 SZIPAL, Martin           Last Leave



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