Note: We have supplied the original biography as publsihed in 1991.

Where one was available online, we have also published a Contemporary Biography.

Any updates or corrections would be appreciated.


John Bloom

1991 Biography: John Bloom is a San Francisco-based photographer, curator, critic and educator who has written extensively about a variety of subjects in photography. He has been instrumental in organizing the exhibition and publication Toward Independence.

Contemporary Biography: unknown

Papers by John Bloom: Woobury & Page and Henri Cartier-Bresson


Eric Crystal

1991 Biography: Eric Crystal is an anthropologist and coordinator of Southeast Asian studies at the University of California, Berkeley. He has done extensive field work in the outer islands of Indonesia, publishing in film, video and audio recording.

Contemporary Biography: Self sustaining retired University of California academic. Life long interests in Southeast Asian ethnography, photography including film and video documentation, textile collection and document ion and public policy. Currently working on book and photographic projects. Retired from active service. Additional teaching at San Francisco Art Institute (Art & Anthropology).

Paper by Eric Crystal: Imaging Indonesia


Jan Fontein

1991 Biography: Jan Fontein is director emeritus of the Asian Art Collection of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. He is an acknowledged expert in Borobudur, and is curator of the Festival of Indonesia exhibition Sculpture of Indonesia.

Contemporary Biography: Jan Fontein, born in the Netherlands, studied Far Eastern languages and Southeast Asian archaeology at Leiden University. After ten years as a Curator at the Museum of Asiatic Art in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, Dr. Fontein moved to the United States, where he was Curator, and later, Director of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. There he organized such exhibitions as Zen Painting and Calligraphy (1970) and Unearthing China's Past (1972). Other exhibitions include: The Sculpture of Indonesia (1990) for the National Gallery in Washington, DC; China's Distant Past (1994); and Buddha Images from the Kingdom of Siam (1995) for the Foundation Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam. He has published numerous scholarly articles on these life-long interests and has taught at Harvard University, the Institute of Fine Arts of New York University, and at the University of Heidelberg, Germany. He is a correspondent of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences and holds honorary degrees from Boston University, Northeastern University and Simmons College in Boston.

Paper by Jan Fontein: Kassian Cephas


Anneke Groeneveld

1991 Biography:  Anneke Growneveld is curator of the iconographical collection at the Museum of Ethnology in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She has authored or edited a number of photography publications for the museum.

Contemporary Biography: Conservator at Nederlands Fotomuseum; As curator unlocking, present and expand the (historic) photo collection: the collection policy and develop the presentation policy, initiating and assembling exhibitions and publications (1984-2006), researcher.

Papers by Anneke Growneveld: H M Neeb and C B Nieuwenhuis


Kunang Helmi

1991 Biography: Kunang Helmi is an Indonesian writer and photographer who lives in Paris. Her interests include textiles, arts and crafts, design, photography and film. She has edited several books on Indonesia.

Contemporary Biography: Kunang Helmi lives in Paris and continues to write including as a contributor to the Jakarta Post.

Paper by Kunang Helmi: Tassilo Adam


Hedi Hinzler

1991 Biography: Hedihinzler is professor of Southeast Asian Studies at the Leiden University, the Netherlands. She has written numerous books and articles on Indonesia and is president of the Walter Spies Foundation.

Contemporary Biography: yet to be identified

Paper by Hedi Hinzler: Onnes Kurkdjian


Peter Kors

1991 Biography: Peter Kors was born in Bandung, West Java, of Dutch-Indonesian colonial ancestry. An actor and a singer/songwriter, he specializes in telling stories from Indonesia and other cultures around the world.

Contemporary Biography: yet to be identified

Paper by Peter Kors: Charles J. Kleingrothe


H. J. Moeshart

1991 Biography: 1991 Biography: H. J. Moeshart is assistant curator of the Study and Documentation Centre for Photography at Leiden University. He is particularly inrerested in Japanese photography from 1850 to 1875.

Contemporary Biography: presently unknown

Paper by H J Moeshart: Adolph Schaeffer


Jane Levy Reed

1991 Biography: Jane Levy Reed, editor of Toward Independence, is a photographer, independent curator and Indonesian scholar who, since 1974, has lived and frequently traveled in Indonesia and other parts of Southeast Asia.

Contemporary Biography: Director and producer Jane Levy Reed is active internationally as a filmmaker, curator, critic, and historian of photography. Reed recently directly and produced the acclaimed film My Eyes Were Fresh: The Life and Photographs of John Gutmann. She has been producing and directing films since 1978. Her If Only for an Hour (1978), a one-hour documentary on American popular dance in the 1930s, was sponsored by the Lincoln Center Dance Archives, screened at Lincoln Center, and remains in the Archives' permanent collection. She also worked with Larry Reed to produce documentaries such as The Shadow Master, a 1981 film aired on PBS that explores inter generational conflict in contemporary Balinese life. Among the recent exhibitions she has organized are Josef Sudek, Poet of Prague, at the Nikon Galleries in Tokyo and Osaka (2002); Richard Barnes, Still Rooms and Excavations, at San Francisco Camerawork (2000); L'esprit Metis, a traveling exhibition of eleven contemporary French documentary photographers (2001); David Ireland, Skellig, an exhibition, artist's book, and film at the Ansel Adams Center for Photography, San Francisco (1994); and Toward Independence, A Century of Indonesia Photographed, a traveling exhibition and book sponsored by the Festival of Indonesia and Ansel Adams Center. In addition to organizing exhibitions, Reed is a frequent editor for Camerawork: A Journal of Photographic Arts and a contributor to numerous other international photography journals.

Paper by Jane Levy Reed: Introduction


Pauline Lunsingh Scheurleer

1991 Biography: Pauline Lunsingh Scheurleer is head of the Department of Asiatic Art of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, and curator of art of South and Southeast Asia. Her primary area of research is sculpture of the classical Indonesian period.

Contemporary Biography: yet to be identified

Paper by Pauline Lunsingh Scheurleer: Isodore Van Kinsbergen


Yudhi Soerjoatmodjo

1991 Biography: Yudhisoerjoatmodjo is a photographe rand chief photo-editor at TEMPO Magazine, Indonesia's premier newsweekly. He studied economics and photography in Paris and has written many articles on photography in modern Indonesia.

Contemporary Biography: yet to be identified

Paper by Yudhi Soerjoatmodjo: Beyond Pictorialism


John Stowell

1991 Biography: John Stowell is senior lecturer in German at the University of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. He is writing an extensive critical biography of Walter Spies and editing a volume of Spies' correspondence.

Contemporary Biography: yet to be identified

Other publication: Walter Spies: A Life in Art by John Stowell and Tim Lindsey (2012)

Paper by John Stowell: Walter Spies


Adrian Vickers

1991 Biography: Adrian Vickers is a lecturer in Southeast Asian History at the University of Wollongong, Australia. He has done extensive research on Balinese history, art and literature as well as on Western images of Bali.

Contemporary Biography: Professor Vickers researches and publishes on the cultural history of Southeast Asia. His research utilises expertise in the Indonesian language as well as drawing on sources in Balinese, Kawi (Old and Middle Javanese) and Dutch. He has held a series of Australian Research Council grants (Discovery and Linkage), the most recent looking at Indonesian-Australian connections, labour and industry in Southeast Asia, and Balinese art. As part of a linkage grant on the history of Balinese painting, he is preparing a virtual museum, continuing previous pioneering work in eResearch and teaching. His books include the highly popular Bali: A Paradise Created (2012), A History of Modern Indonesia (2012) and Balinese Art: Paintings and Drawings of Bali, 1800-2010 (2012). Professor Vickers has supervised more than twenty PhD theses to completion, and has taught subjects on Southeast Asian history and culture from first year to Honours and Masters levels. Professor Vickers is frequently asked to comment on Indonesia and Australian-Indonesian relations for national and international media.

Paper by Adrian Vickers: Thilley Weissenborn


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